Companies we work with in Civil EngineeringLynwood Civil Engineering Ltd are a recognised and respected business within the Water and Sewage utilities sector. This has been achieved by always aiming to provide a quality service to all of our clients at all times. Our well trained staff and experienced managers mean that not only do we carry out what is asked of us but where problems on projects occur we work as a team with our clients and other specialist contractors to ensure projects we are associated with are completed as efficiently as possible so that client and end customer (the public) are fully satisfied.

Principal Contractor:

As an approved Wessex Water Contractor we carry out a wide variety of projects across the Wessex Water region managing all CDM Coordination and site Health & Safety where required.

Past projects:

  • St Catherine’s Valley Spring Source Refurbishment
  • Critical Sewer Renovation (Various projects)
  • Concrete Hard-standing Trowbridge Sewage Treatment Works
  • Preferred contractor to minor works projects team (Various Projects)
  • Many of these projects require common Civil Engineering practices. Including:

  • Sewer Repairs & Diversions
  • Deep Excavation
  • Structural Concrete
  • Landscaping
However the water and sewage industry also has projects which require less common industry practices. As a business we work closely with our clients and other specialist contractors to devise the best way to approach a project whether this is design, logistical or other technical issues that may occur, it is our aim to aid in making a project most viable, cost effective and completed to the highest safety standards.

Example Projects:

  • Chiltern Trinity Sewage Treatment Works
  • Kingston Seymour Sewage Treatment Works
  • Westbury Wiltshire Sewage Treatment Works
Reactive Maintenance

A major part of our day to day business is carried out by the way of reactive maintenance, specifically we provide a 24hrs 7 day week service to the water utilities sector. This entails carrying out a wide variety work from simple site clean-up due to overflowing sewers in the event of flooding through to deep highway excavation to repair and renew sewers.
This work requires a high level of staff training as detailed in our corporate responsibility to deal with the variety of work required. There is a high standard of Health and Safety with the latest plant and equipment invested in to provide and enable a prompt and efficient service.

This is the most customer facing part of our business, alongside dealing with the job in hand which in many cases is an emergency, customer satisfaction is our priority and we endeavour to aid customers in any problems or issues they may have with our service and related works.
If you feel for any reason our service has not met your expectations or you feel we have been fully compliant and you are a satisfied customer please do not hesitate to contact us so that we know how we are operating in your view.

Trenchless Technology

2011 saw Lynwood Civil Engineering Ltd diverse into the Trenchless Technology niche of the utilities sector. As shown by our membership to the UKSTT (United Kingdom Society for Trenchless Technology) we are committed to carrying out new ways of providing our services to the industry so that projects cause less inconvenience to stakeholders, waste in our industry is reduced and the repair and renewal process of all water works is made as efficient as possible.
trenchless technologies
Our experience in this area has come from close liaison and demonstration from specialist equipment manufacturers, carrying out a number of pipe bursting projects for clients, training staff to use the specialist equipment and our membership to the UKSTT & Pipe Industry Guild provides us with detailed literature and support when required.
Please see attached a PDF of our UKSTT Certificate of Membership.